Damansara Kim Residents Celebrate Malaysia Day

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RESIDENTS from SS20 Damansara Kim got together with policemen from the nearby Damansara station to hold a potluck party to celebrate Malaysia Day.

Organised by the local Rukun Tetangga and other neighbourhood organisations, representatives from other resident bodies and Rukun Tetangga (RT) in Damansara also attended the celebrations along with Damansara Utama assemblyman Yeo Bee Yin.

Damansara station deputy commander Sub-Inspector Mohd Isa Abdullah handed out certificates of appreciation to residents who had been active in the neighbourhood’s community policing scheme.

“As far as crime goes in the SS20 neighbourhood, there is none, because the residents are very vigilant when it comes to alerting the police about suspicious characters or vehicles in the area,” said Sub-Insp Mohd Isa.

The celebrations saw several policemen who were present at the start of RT SS20’s community policing scheme back in 2008 being honoured.

While some had been posted to other positions, Corporal Ahmad Zahrein Muhd Suod became a father of three while working with the RT.

Police and Damansara Kim residents mingled over foodcontributed by the residents for the event.

This is the third neighbourhood potluck party organised by the RT to help promote unity, said community policing chairman Eileen Thong, although it was the first to be held on Malaysia Day.

“The main aim is promote unity while respecting each other’s boundaries and beliefs,” said Thong.

At the same time, it was also an opportunity to show appreciation for the police, she added, as the officers had been very responsive and active in helping the neighbourhood’s security.

“They are also fathers and husbands, they also have a life, so it’s not too difficult, I think for us to show our gratitude and appreciation,” she said.

Speaking after the gathering, Yeo said she hoped more residents associations and RTs would help become bridges between the police and local communities.

“We could always do more, but I think street parties like this, whether Malaysia Day or not, where everyone comes together and get to know one another, is a good start,” said Yeo.

Content fromThe Star :http://www.thestar.com.my/Metro/Community/2015/09/24/Damansara-Kim-residents-celebrate-Msia-Day-with-cops/


TNB Contractors – Keep An Eye Out For Their Tactics

It has been brought to our attention that there are TNB contractor(s) in our area to re-position our houses TNB electricity meter to face the front gate. We have confirmed that these contractors are legitimate (and legally appointed by TNB) and this exercise is authorised by TNB. This work is at No charges/cost to the consumer. However, in some cases the contractor(s) have employed certain unethical tactics that we want you to be aware of.

1)      THEFT: We have received reports from a few residents that the contractor workers may be stealing items from their houses when they were not watching over them. – Do not allow them to come into your compound/house when you are alone in your house. Ask your neighbour to help you watch over them. Always have someone watch over each of them at all times when they are in your compound/house. Note that they will use various tactics to distract you, e.g. can I get a glass of water, use your toilet, please bring out your electricity bill, can you go to the kitchen to switch on the lights, etc. (If you are alone in the house, DO NOT allow them in)

2)      OFFER OTHER SERVICES: We have also received reports that the contractors offers to “slow down your meter” to help you save electricity monthly charges. Their charges range from few hundred ringgit to few thousands. This is when they will also ask you for your TNB bill to see your usage. I am sure you know that “slowing down your meter” is not legal, and that the contractor will now know your name and other details, besides maybe distracting you.

We have spoken to the Police (Sgt. Mat Din – in charge of patrol cars) and they have agreed to monitor the contractors. They will send their patrol personnel to obtain the contractors details and to show their presence to the contractor(s) that they are being monitored.

We need you to: Call Sgt. Mat Din 012-3543687 or Damansara Police station 03-77222222, if you see the contractors coming to our area or visiting you. The Police are already aware of our concerns and as such you do not have to explain much when you call them.

2014 Malaysia Day Street Party (16 Sep)

Dear Residents of Road 6, 8 and 9,

Firstly, let us take this opportunity to wish you all Selamat Hari Merdeka!

In conjunction with our achievement in “memerdekakan” our streets from constant crimes and fear through the guarded security scheme, we are pleased to inform you that we are organising a Street Party which details are as follows.

Details of the programme

Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2014.
Time: 5pm to 7pm
Venue: In between Road 6 and Road 8

For your information, the committee members will be preparing food (halal finger food) and drink for the event. However if you feel you would like to contribute towards the event, please communicate with your assigned collection committee members.

 Please also be informed that for this event, Mr Meor of Road 9 has kindly agreed to sponsor the canopies and tables however for the chairs, we would need your cooperation to bring yours to the event. We have also invited our YB Yeo Bee Yin, YB Tony Pua, Damansara Utama Resident Association (DUROA), Rukun Tetangga, Bertam Securitiesas well as Damansara Utama Police and Fire Brigade to attend our meaningful event. Looking forward to meeting all of you there!

Kind regards,
Road 6,8 & 9 Security Committee

Using Security Stickers or Visitors Pass To Enter Jalan SS20/6

In order to accommodate non residents who wish to enter Jalan SS20/6, security guards will allow SS20 residents who have Central Zone, South Zone & Rukun Tetangga security stickers to enter.
Non residents without security stickers who wish to enter Jalan SS20/6, can register themselves with the security guards. They will be issued a visitor pass.
We hope that non residents who wish to enter Jalan SS20/6 will accommodate the above system. Your cooperation will help deter families living on road 6, 8 & 9 from crime incidences.

Please note that the exit near TA securities building (facing Tropicana Mall) will still continue to be closed from 11pm-6am.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Security Committee.

Security scheme South Zone: Phase 1 Road SS20/6 20/8 & 20/9

We refer to our earlier letter dated 29 June 2014. We wish to inform you that after much consideration, observation and deliberation between the committee members and some residents of Road 6, 8 ad 9, we have decided to revised the plan to permanently close Rd 6 exit (adjacent to ТА Securities building). In view of such decision, the timing for the road dosure of this exit will be as follows:

11 PM to 6 AM-though this exit will be closed, a guard will be stationed there except when the guard is doing patrolling or needed to cover the other guard in the other exit (near to Rd 11) or attending to personal need or in case of emergency.

We appreciate your consideration
cooperation and understanding on this matter and we sincerely hope for more to participate in our security scheme. The success of our security scheme will definitely be replicated into Phase 2 involving other Roads in South Zone in the near future.

Kindly feel free to speak to any of us in the committee should you have any queries on this matter. Please feel free to contact the security committee via the contact link in this web page.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Security Committee.

Security For Road 6, 8 & 9 Is Now Available 24 Hours

Dear Residents,

We are pleased to inform you that after weeks of hard work by our committee members, we will now be able to enjoy the long awaited 24 hours guarded security scheme starting 1/7/2014.

As part of the guarded scheme, boom gates will be installed at both ends of Road 6 soon. After discussions with the committee, the Security Company and also from observing other areas where the security scheme is effective, we have decided that one of the boom gates will be placed just before Road 3 (adjacent to TA Securities building).

These steps have been planned to ensure that our security scheme is effective. With the new implementation, we hope it will deter non-residents from using our roads as a through road hence reduce unwanted incidents from happening, which have been rampant these past few months.

We are sure that for the price of a safe and secured living environment, these measures are worth taking.

Your understanding, consideration and cooperation is very much welcome and appreciated. In the meantime, should you have any inquiries, kindly feel free to speak to any of us in the committee.

Many thanks and kind regards – the security committee of Road 6, 7 & 9 .